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    SAGA 840 Watt LED Light -  featuring a combination of Cree 5W and OSRAM 3W chips

    These high power LED lights are perfect for commercial growers.  Please contact us directly for quantity pricing.

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    These lights have 840w of LEDs in the the modules within the lighting assembly.  The unit only draws 600 Watts of electrical power, as not all LEDs are on at the same time, depending on the frequency chosen.  There are three switches to select the three different spectra.

    SAGA LED Grow Light – the Best Choice For Plants Relative Photosynthetic rate

     The spectrum of our Led lights can cover from 400nm to700nm. DIY the different color ratio according different plants' need and growing phases.

    SAGA LED Grow Lights can give you better growth and more abundant harvests.  

    Full Spectrum Brings You High Yield Less Heat Low Cost On Everything  - While most grow lights are very warm, as HID, so you would need use the fan to solve this problem in summer. LED grow lights are generally moderate in temperature, and they will not harm a person if he touches them. As such, it is much safer and convenient for owners and their crops, as the lights  can be placed very close to the plants to deliver high intensity lights to the surface of the leaves. 

    Less electricity, save about 75% over HID. Low amounts of heat, means less money spent on the room’s cost of cooling. 

    Long life-span -  no need to periodically replace the bulbs. No ballast. No reflector.

    LED Qty:  Cree: 96pcs    Osram: 114pcs

    LED Power 840W

    Actual Power 600W

    View Angle Of LEDs 90

    Voltage 100-240VAC

    Operating Temp 20-38 Celsius

    Product Size 19.7 x 17.5 x 3.9 inches

    Net Weight 11 kgs

    Made in China

    Light Spacing above plants:  
    Seedlings/Cuttings: 60 - 80 inch Closest: 50 in -  It is not recommended to put such high powered lights any closer than this to your little seedlings or cuttings. 
    Youngster<30 cm: 60 - 80 inch,  closest: 40 - 60 inch  - Some slight listlessness of the upper leaves may occur but does not affect the over all growth. 
    Mid - End Veg Period:  40 - 60 inch, closest: 18 inch - some slight bleaching may occur but does not affect the overall growth. 
    Bloom:  18 - 24 inch,  closest: 12-18 inch  -  Some bleaching of the fruits and upper leaves may occur but does not affect the over all yield or quality of product.

    1)Indoor use only 
    2)Shut off the power before installation to prevent electric shock. 
    3)Do not touch or beat the lamp surface when plugged. 
    4)Keep the product away from heat source or corrosive environment to ensure the lifespan.
    5)Plants like the temperature range between 75 F and 85 F. 
    6)General time: Vegetative growth 14-18 hours; flowering stage 10-12 hours. 
    7)Avoid looking directly at the LEDs - the LEDs are very intense and may cause hurt your eyes