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  • G3 LED GROW LIGHT (405 Watts LEDs)

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    G3 Wireless Control LED LIghts

    These lights have 405w of LEDs in the three modules within the lighting assembly.  The unit only draws 270  Watts of electrical power.  

    LED Gro Pro Inc's G3 LED Grow Light (405 Watts) 
    -3 spectrum color channels (main, blue enhance, and red enhance) 

    The G3 LED Grow Lights offer energy efficient state of the art LEDs which are selected to produce spectra beneficial to plant growth, with four preset spectra from which to choose (grow, veg, flower, and seedling), plus a custom mode.

    LED Gro Pro’s new G3  LED Grow Lights represent the state of the art in LED technology, enabling the grower to take full advantage of the capabilities of the latest generation of LED lights.  These new grow lights further  the advantages of LED lights over traditional HID lights.  Growers using LED Gro Pro lights will be able to control spectral frequency and schedule using the remote control and smart controller readout.    Growers will be able to consume less electricity, grow rooms will be cooler, and most importantly the quality of the fruit will be improved over that using traditional HID lighting.

    The LED Gro Pro G3 lights are actually more efficient at delivering the correct spectral frequency to the plants than traditional HID lights such as HPS.  The reason for this is HPS lights produce a large amount of their photons in the green and yellow portions of the spectrum, frequencies which are not as beneficial to plant photosynthesis and growth as the red and blue frequencies.  This translates into wasted photons (energy) which converts into excessive heat and wasted electricity.  The LED Gro Pro lights use LEDs of specific frequency ranges, which are combined to produce optimal photosynthetic light output.  We offer preset spectrum, corresponding to sprouting, vegetative, flowering.  The remote control can operate up to 22 G3 lights simultaneously.

    Please see the photos for more details and specs.

    This light set comes complete with one 405W LED Grow Light assembly, and it includes two sets of hanging wires, a remote control, a smart controller panel, a power transformer, a power cord and an instruction manual.   Shipped directly to your door.