" LED Gro Pro Sells the Best 4 Less !!!!"

New LED Gro Pro lights represent state of the art APP technology, enabling the grower to take full advantage of the capabilities of the latest generation of LED lights, furthering the advantages of LED lights over traditional HID lights.  Growers using LED Gro Pro lights will be able to control one to five-hundred and one lights using a simple to navigate Smart Phone APP, by using preset spectral control or customizing their own frequency and schedule.  Growers will be able to consume less electricity, grow rooms will be cooler, and most importantly the quality of the fruit will be improved over that using traditional HID lighting.

The LED Gro Pro lights are actually more efficient at delivering the correct spectral frequency to the plants than traditional HID lights such as HPS.  The reason for this is HPS lights produce a large amount of their photons in the green and yellow portions of the spectrum; frequencies which are not as beneficial to plant photosynthesis and growth as the red and blue frequencies.  Whereas the LED Gro Pro lights use LEDs of specific frequencies, which are combined to produce optimal photosynthetic light output.  We offer 5 preset spectrums, corresponding to sprouting, vegetative, flowering, as well as IR and UV, and any combination in between with custom spectral programming through our Smart Phone APP.

LED Gro Pro Inc is committed to providing the best and most efficient grow lights for the money.  We have partnered with LED light manufacturers to customize the spectral results of the LED Grow Lights we are offering for sale.  The lights are controlled using remote control (G3's) or using a smart phone APP (G4's), so that the spectrum and timing of the lights can be customized to meet your growing needs.  Below you can see the various spectra produced by the G4 LED lights, as well as the PAR values for the lights at varying distances.